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Dedicated to redefining beauty standards, our mission is to empower individuals with the transformative magic of makeup, celebrating authenticity and self-expression.


Ready to feel confident in your makeup skills?

The best way to gain confidence in anything is by diving in and learning more about it. Whether you want to establish a new makeup routine, learn about what suits your features the best, or gain technical skills to improve your makeup game. I'm here to help. I am so passionate about educating in makeup because I love to see people gain confidence in the products they use and help them realize that they are truly beautiful, with or without makeup!

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1 on 1 class

MAKEUP artist master class

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If you're not sure which level of education is right for you, please reach out and we will choose the right fit! 

mentorship opportunities

1 on 1 classes


This is the perfect opportunity for you if you are looking to level up your beauty routine, or learn what products are best for your skin type. You will receive the information you need to create a simple beauty routine, start using new skills in your makeup application, and receive personalized recommendations on colour and techniques that accentuate your natural features!




hour and a half lession

Makeup Artist Master Class


In this Makeup Artist Masterclass you will receive hands on learning with real life models, learn new techniques for application and how to accentuate your clients natural features. Focusing on two signature makeup looks throughout the class, you will also receive a MasterClass certificate of completion.


Hands on learning with models 

Catered lunch

EDUCATION FOR two signature looks

Deluxe swag bag valued at over $250+

Certification of completion 
and knowledge that is priceless

These classes only happen a few times each year and are guaranteed to sell out. Sign up now to be added to the waitlist!

Are you ready to take your business and services to the next level? 

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Personalized makeup shopping guide!

I understand that beauty is not one-size-fits-all, which is why I’ve created a completely customized approach with our make up questionnaire. Once received, I will analyze your unique features, skin type and style preferences to curate a comprehensive list of products that perfectly complement your individual beauty needs.

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How it works

1.  purchase 

2. prep

3. glow

Ready to go from feeling overwhelmed, stuck and unsure of how to choose your products to feeling confident, radiant and knowledgeable about your makeup bag? Follow the link below to purchase your completely customized makeup guide!

Start by filling out an in depth form (don’t worry, it’s fun!) that covers everything from your skin type/tone to your preferences for make up that you already wear. 

You receive a fully customized form inclusive of personalized recommended products, tips and tricks and even application advice that will take the stress out of makeup, and help you feel more confident navigating your makeup bag!

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introducing the:



the overwhelming choices and endless hours spent searching for the right makeup. 

It's like having your very own beauty advisor at your fingertips, ready to create a tailored makeup list designed exclusively for you

With this Personalized Makeup List, you'll receive a curated selection of high-quality cosmetics, including foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more, carefully chosen to enhance your natural beauty and bring out your inner glow.

1:1 Mentoring

limited spots

If you're looking for more in depth and personalized training this is the offer for you. Join my 1:1 mentoring program to learn how to grow your business and skillset with hands on, one on one mentoring from KelseyRae Professional Makeup Artist with over 10 years of industry experience. 

contact kelsey

what you get:

This is an exclusive program with limited artists selected per year. 

1 hour discovery call to talk through your challenges as an artist

Hands on learning (can be done virtually)

three 2 hour customized lessons

Customized business advice and support

Please contact KelseyRae if you would like to apply to be considered as one of the chosen artists for this years mentorship program.

I took Kelsey’s Masterclass in the fall of 2019 and I would have to say it is 100% what jump started my career. I began makeup summer of 2018 but this course gave me the confidence to take my freelancing to the next level. I learned all the skills I needed to know exactly how to take clients from start to finish. I went in to this Masterclass not feeling confident in my abilities as a makeup artist and left feeling much more confident! Kelsey walks around and helps 1-on-1 and gives you more tips and tricks while you’re working! She helps with photo taking and posting as well! I would recommend this course to any makeup artist from beginner to pro. It’s always great to further your education! Kels is always a great one to learn from! - Tori



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